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In December 2013 Renova Energy’s President Ian Jaeger visited Western Africa to investigate the potential opportunity in the extraction of minerals that are prominent in Liberia. During this time it came very obvious that with the country recovering from previous instability that there was a need for significant infrastructure improvement.


Although this global market is continuing to develop in the first world, Renova Energy believes that the true opportunity for these products is in the developing countries that are struggling to provide the infrastructure to develop local economies and townships.


Following extensive meeting with the Librarian government it was apparent that the need for electrical infrastructure was required however the financial restrictions of the country that was also burdened with timelines that traditional electrical infrastructure, required an alternative approach to providing electricity throughout the country.


In politically unstable economies where education and communication are not to the level of 1st world communities, the successes of government are even more reliant upon on the ground actions. With the requirements of Utility based infrastructure being not only expensive but long term, the smaller cost effective and immediate benefits of the Renova Equipment allows for the leaders to remain stable and action the longer terms plans.   



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